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Special Programs
Mass Casualty Excercise
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Special Programs
Summit County Ambulance Service provides support staffing to a wide variety of special projects and programs both in county and nationally. Many of these programs require special training and certification.

TEMS-Tactical EMS
The ambulance service works in conjunction with the Summit County SWAT team to provide Tactical EMS (TEMS) providers in order to support law enforcement officials with on site medical services.

SAR-Search and Rescue
Summit County Ambulance Service works in conjunction with the Summit County Rescue Group to provide Wilderness Paramedics trained in backcountry medicine to assure that those patients not accessible by road are provided emergency medical care until they can be brought to the ambulance.

COLT-Colorado Life Trak

Colorado Life Trak Summit County is part of the state wide Colorado Life Trak Program. It is a bracelet tracking program for dementia patients who have a tendency to wander. For more information about Colorado Life Trak Summit County go to our Community Outreach page.

SCPADP-Summit County Public Access Defibrillation Project
SCPADP was a federally funded pad project that provided funding administered by Summit County Ambulance Service (SCAS) and the Summit County Sheriff's Office to place 180 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in community buildings, emergency vehicles, and in three neighboring Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Association (RETAC) member counties. In addition the project trained over 1,000 lay rescuers to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use the AED. Currently SCAS continues to oversee the project providing equipment monitoring and training. For more information about SCPADP please visit or our Community Outreach page.

Wildland Fire Support
SCAS provides medical personnel trained in wildland fire suppression to support fire fighting teams in the event of a major fire in our area. Our wildland medical team members have all received their "Red Card" certification in wildland firefighting.  Our medical teams are also available for national deployments if needed.

CCT - Critical Care Transport Program
The Critical Care Transport (CCT) Program at Summit County Ambulance Service began in 1998. The program started due to the need for providing an expanded scope of care to patients needing transport between facilities in Summit County and hospitals outside the county. The extended scope of practice (requiring medical director support waivers to Colorado's Rule 500) has expanded over the years to include many medication drips (including blood, thrombolytics, II/IIIa inhibitors, and insulin), ventilator transports, chest tube transports and transports of NG/OG tubes. The expansion has occurred due to the increased patient acuity and the need for this level of service for our region.

All Summit County Ambulance Service (SCAS) paramedics are trained to transport critical care level medications and procedures. The training includes an initial in-house class of sixteen hours, followed by biannual continuing education sessions. Many of our staff are certified Critical Care EMTs (CCEMT-P) by the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

The CTT program at SCAS is fully and regularly reviewed as a portion of the SCAS CQI Program. All CCT calls are reviewed by the CQI Coordinator, who forwards complex or difficult calls to the entire committee. Additionally, the CQI program has a 100% Physician Advisor Review program in which the physician advisor reviews all CCT transports. All CCT cases are recorded for data analysis purposes and for tracking.

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