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Summit County Building Inspection Department
Schedule a Building Inspection Online or View Permits
Summit County building inspections can be easily scheduled online with eTRAKiT. Schedule your
. Be aware that any information you provide in the "remarks" box is viewable to the public.

The Summit County Building Inspection Department is where all building permit processes begin. We take in all permit applications, route them to relevant internal review agencies, issue building permits, enforce code requirements and conduct building inspections.

Building Permits
Per the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), permits are required for all new

 structures, alterations to existing structures, remodels, decks, hot tubs and window replacements.  We do not require a permit for re-roofing, unless the scope of work includes structural changes to the roof.

Find out more about the various types of building permits required by Summit County.

Submitting Permit Applications
All permit applications must include a complete application form and the required accompanying submittal documents.  All permit applications must be submitted in person.  Learn more about submittals.

Application Review
The Building Inspection Department brings in permit applications, plans and other construction documents and routes them through all the appropriate internal review agencies within Summit County government.  Find out more about the application review process.

Building Inspections
All permitted projects are required to have a series of inspections to demonstrate conformance with approved contract documents. Find out about building inspections.

Codes & Amendments
The Building Inspections Department has adopted the 2012 International Code

View the Code Changes Class document (pdf) which contains information on code changes that occurred when we updated our ICC codes from the 2006 to the 2012 code series.

 Council (ICC) code series for all permitted projects. We enforce the 2014 National Electric Code.  Additionally, we have amended the codes for local conditions. View our 2012 Code Amendments (pdf) for the 2012 International Code Council (ICC) code series.

We have also adopted a sustainable building code (pdf) with which every new residential development and residential addition in Summit County must comply.

Contractor Registration
Summit County requires that all contractors register with the Summit County Building Department.  Find out about contractor registration.

Homeowner Builders
The sole owner of an individual property is allowed to construct, remodel or add onto a detached single family residence as a homeowner builder. Find out about requirements for a homeowner builder.

Building Permit Reports
Summit County provides documentation of all permits issued by the Summit County Building Department, dating back through 1972. Find building permit reports.

Resources and Forms
* Building permit application (pdf):  Must be completed and submitted to acquire a building permit.
* Fees(pdf): The fee scheduled helps you calculate the costs associated with obtaining a permit.
* Permit submittal checklist (pdf):  A list of required documents due at the time of your submittal for a building permit.
* Technical permit application (pdf):  This application is required when applying for any technical permits, including mechanical, plumbing, fireplace, electrical, temporary power and photovoltaic permits.
* Building Inspection Department Matrix (pdf):  The matrix lists external agencies, such as water and fire districts, involved in the building permit process. It also includes fire hazard mitigation requirements, frost depth, wind speed and snow load requirements.
* Work Without a Permit Complaint Form (pdf):  If you suspect someone of conducting work without the required permit(s), complete the complaint form and submit to the Building Department.
* Sustainable Code Checklist (pdf): Every new residential development and residential addition in the unincorporated areas of Summit County must comply with the Sustainable Building Code.
* Voluntary Housing Allowance Restrictive Covenant Form and Voluntary Housing Allowance Restrictive Covenant Routing Form:  Affordable Housing Development Impact Fees are assessed on new construction and additions, as applicable.  Property developers and owners have the option of avoiding the impact fee at the time of building permit issuance by voluntarily imposing a private transfer fee upon subsequent sale of the property.





Scott Hoffman
Chief Building Official

Building Inspection
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Ph: 970-668-3170
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