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Jun 15

More details on mailboxes

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 9:18 AM by Julie Sutor

During Phase 1 construction, most mailboxes on Summit Drive will be impacted. Existing mailboxes will remain in place during construction, but they will be removed from the ground and placed in gravel-filled buckets, so they can be moved back from the road as needed.

The County and contractor are working with the U.S. Postal Service to ensure uninterrupted home mail delivery during construction to the maximum extent possible. If necessary, USPS will notify property owners in advance of any temporary short-term disruptions that could require residents to pick up mail at the Dillon Post Office.

Summit County will install standard mailboxes:
At the end of Phase 1 construction (about late August), Summit County will install a new Return-to-Center Mailbox & Post System at all affected residences. This system complies with all Summit County Road & Bridge standards for mailboxes. The box rotates safely out of the way upon impact with a snowplow or other vehicle and then automatically returns back to the center position.

Property owners may install their own mailboxes:
A homeowner may move and install his or her own mailbox, as long as it meets Summit County minimum standards, described in detail in Chapter 5, Section 5106.06 (and illustrated in Figure 5-10, posted below) of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code.

Diagram of Summit County mailbox standards.