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Jun 03

Major Roadwork Continues on Side Roads

Posted on June 3, 2016 at 4:48 PM by Julie Sutor

Last week was packed with construction activity on side roads in Summit Cove. Crews paved Soda Creek Court, which now just needs shoulder work.
Photo of a freshly paved road, with unfinished shoulders.
We've encountered some challenges in our work to rebuild Gingerquill Court: We discovered a large area of extremely soft clay that would severely limit the lifespan of any new asphalt if we tried to pave over it. Crews are still working to stabilize the sub-grade, so paving has been postponed till next week. Once we get the road platform solid, we can reschedule the blacktop work. Our contractor, Columbine Hills, has agreed to continue the stabilization work tomorrow, Saturday, June 4, in order to catch up a bit. We apologize for the unforeseen delay. 

Landon Lane and Whispering Pines Ranch Road are still scheduled to have the old asphalt pulverized on Monday and/or Tuesday. Sub-grade repair on Whispering Pines was put on hold this week when we encountered the problems on Gingerquill and dispatched all resources there. But we expect sub-grade work on Whispering Pines Ranch Road to pick back up on Monday.
Photo of heavy equipment pulverizing old asphalt on a road.