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Dec 22

Summit Cove Loop Plans for 2016

Posted on December 22, 2015 at 3:45 PM by Julie Sutor

Now that the Board of County Commissioners has adopted the 2016 Summit County Budget, we are beginning to refine the scope of work for Phase 2 of the Summit Cove Loop Project.

As you are probably aware, we were originally thinking that Phase 2 would comprise the installation of bicycle-pedestrian lanes on one of the two Cove Boulevard sections. However, as the project has progressed, two major factors have caused us to change our approach to the phasing of construction:
  • Inclusion of side-road repairs within the Summit Cove Loop Project: Because of the strong interest by Summit Cove residents to see maintenance and repairs on roads adjoining Summit Drive and Cove Boulevard, the project scope is larger than we first conceived.
  • Availability of new Colorado Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding opportunities: In 2016, CDOT is making available new funding to distribute to local communities through the SRTS program. In hopes of seizing this opportunity, we are partnering with Summit School District to apply for funds that would offset a portion of Summit Cove Loop Project costs, including some of the costs associated with improvements in and around the school zone at Summit Cove Elementary School. An SRTS grant has the potential to affect the timing of implementation and scope of the remaining improvements as we move forward.
At this point, our work scheduled for summer 2016 will likely include three main components:
  • Side-road repairs and maintenance: We plan to conduct resurfacing, repairs and maintenance on several roads that connect to Summit Drive and/or Cove Boulevard.
  • Widening of the Soda Creek causeway on Cove Boulevard, near the intersection with Royal Coachman, to create more room for pedestrians and bicyclists: This will probably be the most costly portion of the work we do this summer.
  • Widening of the Soda Creek culverts that pass under Cove Boulevard near the intersection of Hideaway Court: Our goals here are to reduce the risk of flooding, to repair damages to the roadway at this spot and to increase stream health. This work begins by seeking all necessary approvals from FEMA.
The precise scope of this Phase 2 work will depend on how the bids come in from contractors this winter or early spring. In particular, the price of asphalt will be a major factor in determining the number of roads (and which roads) will receive maintenance work in 2016.

The improvements planned for the causeway and culverts will set the stage for us to move more efficiently as we work to “complete the loop” by installing bicycle-pedestrian lanes on Cove Boulevard in 2017, particularly if CDOT awards us SRTS funding.

We'll keep you posted as we continue to develop and refine our plans for Phase 2 construction. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can contact Thad Noll in the Summit County Manager’s Office or Kate Berg in the Summit County Planning Department.

And last but not least, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!