CARE Council

The CARE (Community Accessing Resources Effectively) Council is a community advisory group whose purpose is to promote, streamline and facilitate development and maintenance of services for the children, youth and families of Summit County.

The CARE Council is an advisory committee to the Summit Board of County Commissioners on matters related to the delivery of health and human services. Its functions include the following:
  • Strategic planning to guide public and private investment in development and maintenance of the system for delivering health and human services to the children, youth and families of Summit County and to identify priority areas for broad-based community action.
  • Coordination and facilitation of mechanisms for information dissemination, program planning and program evaluation in order to promote efficient and effective delivery of health and human services in Summit County.
  • Advocacy regarding local, state, and national policy affecting children, youth and families in Summit County.
  • Organization capacity-building to ensure sustainability of an effective and efficient, public-private system for delivering health and human services.

Member Agencies and Representatives

The CARE Council includes representatives from a variety of organizations, agencies and stakeholder groups throughout Summit County.


Community Care Clinic: Erin Major
Family & Intercultural Resource Center: Tamara Drangstveit
The Summit Foundation: Jeanne Bistranin
Summit School District: Julie McCluskie
Summit County Government: Sarah Vaine
Mind Spring Health: Open
Early Childhood Options: Lucinda Burns

Community Representatives:

Towns: Erin Gigliello, Derrick Fowler
Physicians: Marc Schlessinger
Health/Hospital: Hannah Shirkey
Recreation: Dave Miller
Business/Ski Areas: Kevin Burns
Law Enforcement: Dennis McLaughlin
Youth/Student: Abbey Hiller & Abbey Scharneskie
Seniors: Lorie Williams
Community at Large: Patricia Cruz & Don Parsons