Summit Cove Loop Project

Through the Summit Cove Loop Project, Summit County is installing bicycle/pedestrian lanes in both directions along Summit Drive and Cove Boulevard, creating safer and more enjoyable walking and riding experiences along a 2.4-mile loop in the Summit Cove neighborhood.

The project also includes roadway improvements, drainage improvements and enhanced connectivity with the Summit County Recpath and Summit Stage transit services.

Project Status Updates

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We're constructing the Summit Cove Loop in multiple phases, with one phase constructed each summer over multiple summer construction seasons.
  • Phase 1 (Summit Drive and adjoining side roads) was completed in September 2015.
  • Phase 2 (resurfacing of several side roads) was completed in summer 2016.
  • Phase 3 (improvements in the vicinity of Summit Cove Elementary) was completed in summer 2017.
  • Phase 4 (Cove Boulevard, from Whispering Pines Ranch Road to the Sunlight Drive emergency access) was completed in summer 2018.
  • Phase 5 (Cove Boulevard, from Sunlight Drive to Swan Mountain Road) is taking place in summer 2019.

Key Improvements

Illustration of a bicycle lane alongside a vehicle laneThe Summit Cove Loop Project includes a number of key improvements to enhance travel by vehicle, bicycle and foot in Summit Cove.
  • Bicycle/pedestrian lanes: Cove Boulevard and Summit Drive will be striped within the existing road right-of-way to accommodate 4-5-foot-wide bicycle/pedestrian lanes in both directions. Pavement markings will delineate these lanes from the vehicle lanes. Unlike the RecPath and greenbelt trails, these new lanes will be plowed during the winter to allow for year-round use. Widening of the existing asphalt will be minimized to the greatest extent possible. Along Summit Drive, improvements were designed to fit within the existing road bench (edge of shoulder to edge of shoulder). We will not widen the roads onto private properties.
  • Drainage: Roadside drainage will be improved at various locations throughout the loop, increasing safety and pavement life.
  • Roadway: Portions of the roadway are being completely rebuilt in some sections and overlaid with new asphalt in others. We are adjusting intersections of several streets to improve visibility and pedestrian safety.
  • Adjacent Roads: We are making necessary repairs and improvements to side roads that connect to the loop.
  • RecPath/Trail Connections: The Summit Cove Loop bike and pedestrian lanes will be connected to the Summit County RecPath at several locations. In some locations, we’ll improve unofficial (social) trails between the road and the Recpath. Where appropriate, we’ll add crosswalks or signage at RecPath connections.
  • Summit Stage Stop: The Summit Stage stop on Cove Boulevard will remain at its current location. We plan to make improvements to the signage and striping to increase safety in the area, and we are continuing to work with the Summit Stage to identify additional improvements such as bike racks.
  • Traffic Flow: Through the combination of the above, we anticipate that vehicle speeds in the area, especially near the school, will be reduced.

Illustration of a road with bike lanes on either side.

Project Timeline

The Summit Cove Loop Project is broken down into three sections (illustrated in the map in the Related Resources section below), each with its own unique design constraints and traffic patterns. Construction will take place in phases, over a period of multiple years.
  • September – December 2014: Preliminary design, community outreach, stakeholder dialogue
  • December 2014 - January 2015: Review and analysis of community feedback
  • January - May 2015: Final design; initial project phasing plan; award construction bid for Phase 1
  • July-September 2015: Phase 1 Construction (Summit Drive and repair on five adjacent roads)
  • June 2016: Phase 2 Construction (Repair on side roads)
  • May 22, 2017: Phase 3 Open House, Summit Cove Elementary School cafeteria
  • Summer 2017: Phase 3 Construction (school zone improvements)
  • Summer 2018: Phase 4 Construction (Cove Boulevard, from Whispering Pines Ranch Road to Sunlight Drive emergency access)
  • Future phasing to be determined in future budget years

Project Funding

The Summit Cove Loop Project is funded through the existing Summit County Road and Bridge Fund. There will be no special assessments, local improvement districts, public improvement districts or tax increases on Summit Cove property owners for this project. In May 2016, CDOT awarded Summit County a $350,000 Safe Routes to School grant, which helped to fund improvements in the Summit Cove Elementary School zone.

Public Feedback

Summit County welcomes feedback on the Summit Cove Loop Project from residents and businesses in the neighborhood. If you have questions or comments, contact the Summit County Road and Bridge Department at 970-668-3590.

Learn about topics and issues raised through Summit Cove Loop public feedback process conducted in late 2014 and early 2015.

Related Resources

View the resources and documents below for background information related to the Summit Cove Loop Project.

Project Design

Photo of a road with no bike lanes
Cove Boulevard, existing
Photo of a road with green bike lanes on either side.
Cove Boulevard, proposed
Photo of a road with no bike lanes
Summit Drive, prior to improvements
Photo of a rod with bike lanes on either side
Summit Drive, with improvements (completed September 2015)
Photo of a road with no bike lanes
School Zone, prior to improvements 
Photo of a road with green bike lanes on either side
School Zone, with improvements (completed summer 2017)