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Searching records online:

Please review the eTRAKiT3 help document for information on how to search for permit records.

Schedule Building Inspections:
From this portal you are able to schedule Building related inspections for the following permit types:
Building Permits; Electrical Permits; Mechanical Permits; Plumbing Permits; Hot Tub Permits.
Please remember that inspections for permits issued by the Town of Silverthorne must be scheduled through the Town of Silverthorne by 5 pm the day prior. Permits issued by the Summit County Building Department can be scheduled up until 7 am of the day of the inspection. Inspections can only be cancelled by calling the Building Department at (970) 668-3170

OWS (septic) inspections must be scheduled by calling (970) 668-4070.

Building Inspection Results:
You may also check the results of your Building related inspections here. Results may not be available until the day after your inspection.
OWS (septic) Records:

You can search for septic permits, as built drawings, OWS design info and other OWS records here.

If you are unable to find the record you are searching for contact the Environmental Health Department to verify at 970-668-4070.
Click on the link below for instructions and guidance:
How do I schedule a Building related inspection?

How do I see my inspection results?
How do I find OWTS (septic) records such as permits and as built drawings?