1. Alphabetical Department List

    An alphabetical list of County departments.

  2. Elected Offices

    Elected offices in Summit County include the Assessor, Clerk & Recorder, Coroner, Sheriff, Surveyor and Treasurer & Public Trustee.

  3. Administration

    Summit County administrative departments include Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems & GIS, and the County Manager's Office.

  4. Community Development

    Learn more about the Community Development Department and the departments within.

  5. Emergency Services

    Summit County's emergency services departments include the 911 Center, Ambulance Service and Office of Emergency Management.

  6. Health & Human Services

    Summit County's health and human services departments include the Community & Senior Center, Public Health, Human Services, Youth & Family Services and Environmental Health (a subdivision of Public Health).

  7. Library

    Summit County Library has branches in Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne.

  8. Public Works

    Summit County's Public Works departments include Facilities Maintenance, the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (landfill & recycling), Road & Bridge and the Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  9. Motor Vehicle

    Motor Vehicle Department titling and registration

  10. Transit / Summit Stage

    Summit Stage, Summit County's Free public transportation system.