Ambulance Service Special Programs

Summit County Ambulance Service provides support staffing to a wide variety of special events and programs.

TEMS-Tactical EMS

The ambulance service works in conjunction with the Summit County SWAT team to provide Tactical EMS (TEMS) providers in order to support law enforcement officials with on site medical services.

SAR-Search and Rescue

Summit County Ambulance Service works in conjunction with the Summit County Rescue Group to provide Wilderness Paramedics trained in backcountry medicine to assure that those patients not accessible by road are provided emergency medical care until they can be brought to the ambulance.

Wildland Fire Support

SCAS provides medical personnel trained in wildland fire suppression to support fire fighting teams in the event of a major fire in our area. Our wildland medical team members have all received their "Red Card" certification in wildland firefighting. Our medical teams are also available for national deployments if needed.