Seedling Tree Program in Summit County

Summit County CSU Extension works with the Middle Park Conservation District and the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) to provide seedling trees to landowners at a reasonable cost. Middle Park Conservation District also sells grass and wildflower seed mixes. Trees and seeds can be ordered directly from Middle Park Conservation District.

CSFS seedlings are intended for conservation purposes only, such as reforestation, windbreaks or wildlife habitat. Seedlings are grown at the CSFS Nursery from native stock and include many species suitable to Summit County's high elevations.

Seedling sales have ended for the 2015-16 season.  Check back in October for information on the 2016-17 Seedling Tree sale.


For more information on the Seedling Tree Program, call Middle Park Conservation District at 970-724-3456.

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Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Summit County cooperating. Extension programs available to all without discrimination.