Ordinances & Resolutions

Listed below are all of the ordinances for Summit County as well as the current and previous year's resolutions, as approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Resolutions 2019

2019-01 Board Appointments for 2019

2019-02 Proclaiming National Radon Action Month 

2019-03 PLN18-113 Lot Line Vacation Valley of the Blue

2019-04 Grant Agreement with GOCO for Knorr Ranch

2019-05 IGA with CDOT for Frisco Transfer Center

2019-06 PLN18-067 Copper Mountain PUD Amendment

2019-07 Adopting Amendments to Board Appointments for 2019

2019-08 PLN18-117 Muggins Gulch Building Envelope Re-Plat

2019-09 Empower Assessor for Abatements

2019-10 BHA Historic Resources Management Plan

2019-11 PLN18-119 General Subdivision Exemption Snake River Water District

2019-12 Earth Hour Proclamation

2019-13 Honoring Dan Gibbs

2019-14 2018 Budget Amendment

2019-15 2019 Budget Amendment

2019-16 PLN18-115 County Commons Minor PUD Amendment

2019-17 Month of the Young Child Proclamation

2019-18 Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

2019-19 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Proclamation

2019-20 Dissolving Local Improvement Districts

2019-21 PLN18-114 Denying General Subdivision Exemption Lot Line Adjustment Dercum's Dash

2019-22 PLN18-091 Amendments to Summit County Addressing, Road Naming and Numbering Regulations

2019-23 PLN18-124 Amendments to Road & Bridge Standards

2019-24 PLN18-059 Keystone PUD Employee Generation Rates

2019-25 DOLA Grant Application for Co-Responder Program

2019-26 PLN19-015 Lewis Ranch at Copper

2019-27 Summit County Recreational Pathway Regulations E-Bikes Amendment 

2019-28 Mental Health Awareness Month Proclamation

2019-29 Summit Community Climate Action Plan

2019-30 Colorado Public Lands Day Proclamation

2019-31 Emergency Medical Services Week Proclamation

2019-32 PLN19-030 Lot Line Adjustment Summerwood

2019-33 Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust (CSAFE) Participation

2019-34 Electrical Permit Fee Schedule Increase

2019-35 2018 Budget Amendment

2019-36 PLN19-004 Open Space Rezoning

2019-37 Immigrant Heritage Month

2019-38 Lease Purchase Agreement

2019-39 Authorizing Clerk & Recorder and Motor Vehicle Closure for Election

2019-40 Lakeside Pizza Liquor License
2019-41 PLN19-010 TDR Map Amendment Overlook Retreat

2019-42 PLN19-009 Major PUD Modification Overlook Retreat

2019-43 Second Amendment to Mesa Cortina/Wildernest Open Space Management Plan

2019-44 Approval of Adoption of 2018 International Code Council (ICC) Series

2019-45 Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Private Activity Bond Allocation

2019-46 General Subdivision Exemption Overlook Retreat at Breckenridge

2019-47 General Subdivision Exemption Keystone Village F2 and Mountain House at Keystone

2019-48 Approving the International Fire Code, 2018 Edition, With Amendments

2019-49 Copper Mountain Major PUD Amendment, A-Lift Neighborhood


2019-50 Authorizing the County to Purchase Real Property

2019-51 General Subdivision Exemption Lot Line Adjustment, Wildernest Sub #1, Block 8, Lot 17

2019-52 Purchase of TDRs from Bank, Redemption of TDRs privately held, Overlook Retreat at Breckenridge

2019-53 Ambulance Service Licenses and Vehicle Permits

2019-54 Right-of-Way Dedication Plat for the purpose of transferring land to CDOT, State Hwy 6

2019-55 Peak 7 Local Improvement District (LID) Adoption of Preliminary Plans

2019-56 Lot Line and Utility Easement Vacation, Quandary Village Sub #1

2019-57 Adoption of a New Electrical Fee Schedule per House Bill 19-1035

2019-58 Colorado New Energy Improvement District to conduct Energy Improvement Program C-PACE

2019-59 Fee Assessment Increase for Summit County Animal Control Shelter

2019-60 Ballot Measure for Extension of the 2008 Summit County Referred Measure 1(B)

2019-61 Ballot Measure for County-Wide Levy of Special Sales Tax on Nicotine Products

2019-62 Ban on Open Fires and the Use and Sale of Fireworks

2019-63 Declaring September 2019 as Suicide Prevention Month

2019-64 General Amendment to Summit County Land Use and Development Code

2019-65 Resolution to Create Peak 7 LID (pending recordation)

2019-66 Ballot Measure authorizing special assessment bonds for the purpose of financing road improvements within the proposed Peak 7 LID

2019-67 Grant Application to the State Department of Local Affairs

2019-68 Approving Liquor License Application for The Pour House Dillon

2019-69 Declaring October 2019 as "Conflict Resolution Month"

2019-70 Declaring October 2019 "National Cyber Security Month"

2019-71 Resolution in Support of Summit School District Ballot Measure 4A, Initiative to Continue Full Day Kindergarten Levy

2019-72 Resolution In Support of Referred Measure 1A Sales Tax on Tobacco and Nicotine Products

2019-73 In Support of Referred Measure 1B Extension of Mill Levy for Open Space

2019-74 Lot Line and Utility Easement Vacation Tordal Estates Sub and Alpine Breckenridge Sub

2019-75 Endorsing Summit County Safe Passages for Wildlife Plan

2019-76 Repeal Restrictions on Open Fires and the Use and Sale of Fireworks in Summit County

2019-77 Emergency Medical Services Revised Rules and Regulations

2019-78 PLN18-082 General Subdivision Exemption for One River Run development

2019-79 PLN18-080 Minor PUD Modification to convert multi-family units to lodge units - One River Run

2019-80 Canceling Uncollectables

2019-81 Dissolution of Peak 7 LID

2019-82 Consideration of accepting probationary maintenance of Telluride Court

2019-83 Approving Liquor License for Mammas Italiano

2019-84 Approving Liquor License for Lime at Keystone River Run Village

2019-85 Approving Liquor License for El Zacatecano Mexican Food

2019-86 Appointing Summit County Housing Authority Commissioners

2019-87 Approving Probationary Maintenance of County Road 506

2019-88 Approval of Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District Ambulance Licenses

2019-89 Approval of Summit Fire & EMS Ambulance Licenses

2019-90 Approval of Flight For Life Ambulance Licenses

2019-91 Property Tax Revenue Retention as Authorized by TABOR and Colorado Revised Statutes Section 29-1-301

Resolutions 2018


2018-01 Board Appointments for 2018

2018-02 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

2018-03 PLN14-058 Wildfire Hazard Reduction

2018-04 PLN17-157 General Subdivision Exemption

2018-05 PLN17-135 Lot Line Vacation

2018-06 PLN17-148 Lot Line Adjustment

2018-07 PLN17-152 Joint Upper Blue TDR Bank Methodology

2018-08 Renewable Energy Electricity Goal

2018-09 Summit County Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) Policy

2018-10 2017 Budget Amendment

2018-11 Right-of-Way Vacation

2018-12 Earth Hour Proclamation

2018-13 PLN17-136 Lot Line Adjustment

2018-14 Month of the Young Child Proclamation

2018-15 Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

2018-16 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Proclamation

2018-17 2018 Budget Amendment

2018-18 Backcountry Zoning Amendments

2018-19 PLN17-153 General Subdivision Exemption

2018-20 PLN18-005 Western Sky Minor PUD Amendment

2018-21 PLN18-006 General Subdivision Exemption

2018-22 PLN18-009 General Subdivision Exemption

2018-23 PLN18-005 Western Sky Minor PUD Amendment

2018-24 Mental Health Awareness Proclamation

2018-25 Proclamation Celebration Summit County Olympians

2018-26 EMS Week Proclamation

2018-27 Colorado Public Lands Day

2018-28 PLN18-021 Snow Storage Easement Adjustment

2018-29 PLN13-003 Keystone Science School Major PUD Amendment

2018-30 Authorizing Clerk & Recorder and Motor Vehicle Closures for Elections

2018-31 Electrical Permit Fees

2018-32 Adopt 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC)

2018-33 Repeal of Resolution 2018-31, Electrical Permit Fees

2018-33(A) Ratification of Repeal of Resolution 2018-31, Electrical Permit Fees

2018-34 Resolution Proclaiming June 2018 as “Immigrant Heritage Month” in Summit County, Colorado

2018-35 Declaring a Fire Hazard Emergency

2018-36 Electrical Fee Schedule

2018-37 PLN18-050 Skyway Ridge TDR

2018-38 PLN18-008 Copper Mountain Resort PUD

2018-39 Declaring a Stage 2 Fire Hazard Emergency

2018-40 Colorado the Beautiful Grant

2018-41 PLN18-044 Blue Sky Estates 

2018-39(A) Ratification of a Stage 2 Fire Hazard Emergency

2018-42 Ambulance License and Permits

2018-43 Water Efficiency Plan

2018-44 PLN17-130 Mascot Placer CUP

2018-45 Ballot Measure 1A Summit County
2018-46 Repealing Stage 2 Fire Restrictions and Re-Enacting Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2018-47 Transit Board Appointment

2018-48 Colorado the Beautiful Grant Amendment

2018-46A Ratification of Repeal of Stage 2 Fire Hazard Emergency and Re-Enacting Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2018-49 Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2018-50 Proclaiming Suicide Prevention Month

2018-51 Repealing Fire Hazard
2018-52 PLN18-075 Lot Line Vacation Valley of the Blue

2018-53 Dissolving Gold King LID

2018-54 Lease Purchase Agreement

2018-55 PLN18-060 Spring Creek Ranch PUD

2018-56 PLN18-061 General Subdivision Exemption Spring Creek Ranch

2018-57 Small Cell Facility Code Amendments

2018-58 Keystone PUD Denial

2018-59 Declaring a Stage 1 Fire Hazard Emergency

2018-60 Conflict Resolution Month Proclamation

2018-61 National Cyber Security Awareness Month Proclamation

2018-62 PLN18-086 Lot Line Vacation Summerwood

2018-63 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative 2019

2018-64 Authorizing Disaster Emergency Resources

2018-65 Resolution in Support of Summit County Referred Measure 1A

2018-66 Resolution in Support of Proposition 110, "Let's Go, Colorado"

2018-67 Resolution in Opposition to Proposition 109, "Fix Our Damn Roads"

2018-68 Resolution in Opposition to Amendment 74

2018-69 PLN17-073 General Subdivision Exemption Western Sky

2018-70 PLN18-074 Lot Line Adjustment North Fork Reserve

2018-71 PLN18-084 General Subdivision Exemption Copper Chapel Subdivision

2018-72 Repealing Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2018-73 PLN18-090 Floodplain Code Amendments

2018-74 PLN18-098 Lot Line Adjustment Giberson

2018-75 PLN18-103 Utility Easement Vacation

2018-76 Cancelling Uncollectibles

2018-77 IGA for COTO Flats

2018-78 GOCO Grant for Colorado Network Project

2018-79 PLN18-089 General Subdivision Exemption Golden Edge Lode

2018-80 PLN18-095 General Subdivision Exemption Summit Estates

2018-81 2018 Budget Amendment

2018-82 PLN18-087 General Subdivision Exemption Lee's Lakeshore

2018-83 ESP18-003 Right-of-Way Vacation Lee's Lakeshore

2018-84 PLN18-030 General Subdivision Exemption Giberson

2018-85 ESP 18-002 Right-of-Way Vacation Giberson

2018-86 Proposed Budget Adoption

2018-87 Appropriation of Money

2018-88 Mill Levy Certification

2018-89 PLN17-151 Short Term Rental Code Amendments

BOH 2018-01 Revisions to Summit County Onsite Wastewater System Regulations

BOH 2018-02 Adopting the Summit County Board of Health Comprehensive Health Improvement Plan