COVID-19 Business Resources

Summit County businesses can make use of the  following resources during COVID-19 response, stabilization and recovery.

Roadmap to Recovery and Business Protocols

  • The Roadmap to Recovery (pdf) (as of 5/22/20) outlines our community’s path through stabilization to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Summit County Business Physical Distancing Protocol Form (pdf) helps businesses identify and implement strategies to protect the health of their employees and members of the public by reducing opportunities for disease transmission. This document does not need to be submitted to Summit County Public Health, but must be posted at your business and distributed to all employees.
    • The Public Health Order Compliance Poster (pdf) must be posted at the entry to all businesses and workplaces. You do not need to use this poster, but you need to provide signage that shows; 1) Asking sick persons to stay out, 2) Cough/sneeze etiquette, 3) 6-feet plus separation, 4) No hand shaking and 5) Face covers. 

If your business has questions that are not answered in the Roadmap to Recovery or the Physical Distancing Protocol Form, please call 970-668-9730.

FAQ Video on Business Protocols. It's Simple!

Industry-Specific Guidance

Guidance is being developed by Summit County, the State of Colorado and specific industries to guide businesses as they reopen to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

*Guidance listed with an asterisk is from industry resources. While this guidance may be very helpful, it is not required to be implemented, and is not necessarily endorsed by Summit County. Please refer to all applicable Summit County Public Health guidance for required protocols.

Child Care-Centers

Children’s Day Camps & Youth Sports Camps


General Cleaning Guidance

Education K-12

Elective Medical Services/Dental

Essential Businesses

Lodging (Short Term)



Nursing Homes and Congregate Care Facilities


Outdoor Recreation-Based Businesses

  • This category includes outfitters, alpine slides, go-karts and recreational equipment rentals.
  • Guidance will be posted as it becomes available.

Personal Recreation: Sports, Pools, Spas Parks, Rec Centers and Gyms

  • Guidance will be posted as it becomes available

Personal Services: Hair Salon, Tattoo Shop, Nail Salon, Pastoral Services, Massage Therapy 

Places of Worship

Real Estate



Ski Industry Guidance

Transportation, Public & Private

Colorado Economic Development and Business Resources

These organizations have compiled and are producing resources for Colorado businesses. More resources will be listed as they become available.

Financial Resources

There are a number of loans available to small businesses in the community, and those listed below are not an exhaustive list. More funding sources will be listed as they become available.