Motor Vehicle Titles & Registration

Customer Service
Summit County Motor Vehicle staff serves our community with a general desire to make registering your vehicles as easy as possible.  We are open Mondays-Fridays from 8:30am-4:30pm, closed on all major holidays.  Mid-day is our busiest time, we recommend visiting our office in the morning or afternoon to reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line.  Our office accepts cash, checks, debit or credit cards.  Heads up: the State of Colorado charges an additional 2.75% for all debit and credit card transactions.


In our community not all of us receive mail to our residences.  You'll need to provide our office with a physical and mailing address, and keep it up to date to ensure you receive your renewal notice each year.  It's acceptable to have a mailing address outside of Summit County, or Colorado, but all motor vehicles registered in Summit County must have a physical address within the County.  Changing your address with the Department of License does not automatically update our office's records.  Secure and Verifiable ID is required to make any changes on Motor Vehicle records.

Proof of Colorado Insurance & ID

It is compulsory in Colorado to provide proof of Colorado insurance when first registering, and sometimes when renewing, your vehicle's registration.  It's a good rule of thumb to always bring it with you, along with a form of Secure & Verifiable ID.

Buy a car?

Each situation is unique - whether you purchased a vehicle from a dealer or an individual, in Colorado or out-of-state, there is going to be paperwork required to appropriately change the title.  If you purchased from a dealer, their title clerks should assist you with the process.  If you purchased from an individual, be sure at the very least that the title is signed over to you by the person(s) named on the front side of the title.  In Colorado, license plates belong to the registrant, not the vehicle.  If you paid cash for the vehicle, the dealer will likely send the paperwork directly to you, usually by certified mail.  Bring those documents to title your vehicle and proof of Colorado insurance to register your vehicle.  If vehicle is financed or leased, Colorado dealers will forward paperwork directly to the Motor Vehicle Division (as long as you gave them a Summit County physical address), and you will be mailed a Title Complete Notice from this office when your paperwork is ready to go.

Sales Tax Rates
Tax rates vary depending on where the vehicle was purchased.  Please call our office at (970) 668-5623 for the most up-to-date information regarding Sales Tax Rates.

Save A Trip & Renew Online

Although we enjoying seeing our customers, you can save yourself the trip to the DMV and renew on time through the Online Renewal Site through the Colorado Department of Revenue.  There is a small extra fee of 2.75% for online card transactions through's PayPort system.  The online system will not allow updates to addresses, and will not allow you to renew if you need to show insurance.  Come in and see us at 208 East Lincoln Avenue in Breckenridge and we'll help you in person.