Public Comment: e-bikes use on the Recpath

E-bike with Mom and children on paved pathway

The Summit County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has received numerous comments both for and against changing our current regulations to allow e-bikes on the Recpath. The BOCC has tasked the Open Space and Trails Department with gathering more information from the public about e-bikes to determine if this use might be appropriate on all, or portions, of the Recpath system.

At this time, Summit County is only considering e-bike use on paved pathways and NOT on natural surface trails.

Attend an Open House

Summit County will host an open house to obtain input about the use of e-bikes on the Recpath. The open house will be held on: 

Wednesday, February 28 from 5-7 pm at the County Commons Building, Buffalo Mountain & Mount Royal Rooms, 0037 Peak One Drive, Frisco, CO 80443

Take an Online Survey

Tell us what you think about e-bikes on the Recpath by taking this quick, 6 question, online survey. The survey takes an estimated 3 minutes to complete.

Online Survey will be available here February 20 - March 19

Background Information about e-bikes in Colorado and Summit County

A new Colorado law became effective on August 9, 2017 that authorizes the operation of Class I or Class II e-bikes on bike or pedestrian paths where bicycles are authorized to travel. However, the bill also stipulates that local authorities can regulate the use of e-bikes in their own jurisdictions.

While the towns of Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, and Silverthorne maintain and manage their respective sections of Recpath, a shared vision for the Recpath system preserves the seamless experience that Summit County residents and visitors have come to expect. Each town is considering their own rules and regulations regarding e-bikes.

Summit County Regulations & Individuals with Mobility Disabilities

In Summit County, e-bikes are currently prohibited on the Recpath, except for use by persons with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Current Recpath Regulations state that no person shall operate a motorized vehicle on the Recpath, and motorized vehicles include every vehicle that is self-propelled, including e-bikes.

E-bike Definition & Classes

E-bikes, also known as an electric bicycles, powerbikes, pedelecs, or booster bikes, are bicycles with an integrated electric motor that does not exceed 750 watts of power.

Class I e-bikes: bikes equipped with an electric motor which provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches a speed of 20 mph

Class II e-bikes: bikes equipped with an electric motor and throttle which can provide assistance regardless of whether the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches a speed of 20 mph


Example of a class I e-bike


Next Steps

Public comment will help shape staff recommendation to the BOCC to allow e-bikes on all, or portions, of the Recpath or to continue to prohibit e-bikes on the Recpath under current rules and regulations.

The public comment period closes March 19. Staff recommendation to the BOCC will happen in April, 2017. Those recommendations will be made available on this website. 

Following staff recommendation to the BOCC, it is currently unknown how long any proposed new rules and regulations could take to go into effect because they would have to be reviewed by the US Forest Service and the towns of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon and Silverthorne. 


Contact Us

Summit County Open Space and Trails Department

Email: Michael Wurzel, Resource Specialist

Call: 970-668-4065

E-bikes in other Communities

E-bikes are a fast growing segment of the cycling industry for many environmental, health, financial, and mobility reasons. Mountain communities in Colorado and around the west are currently considering e-bike use on their paved pathway systems. Below are some examples and resources on e-bikes and what communities are doing to regulate them: