Summit County Housing Department

The Summit County Housing Department is responsible for the planning, management, operations and administration of the County’s various affordable workforce housing programs and projects. The Housing Department works in collaboration with many community partners to implement the County’s housing-related goals and strategies, and to increase the stock of local affordable workforce housing.

Key Functions

The key functions of the Summit County Housing Department include policy and strategy development, affordable workforce housing development and asset management.

Policy and Strategy Development

The Housing Department works directly with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on all policies and strategies affecting affordable workforce housing in Summit County.

Affordable Workforce Housing Development

The Housing Department is responsible for all phases of affordable workforce housing development from conceptualization to implementation, including the following:

  • Identify potential development opportunities and acquire land suitable for development;
  • Coordinate preparation of site-specific development plans, entitlements and building permitting;
  • Coordinate with ongoing private development for housing opportunities;
  • Arrange for project financing, including applicable federal and state grants and loan programs;
  • Seek out, develop and maintain partnerships with nonprofit, corporate, individual and governmental entities;
  • Prepare and manage consultant and construction contracts;
  • Manage construction projects.

Asset Management

The Housing Department actively manages the county’s affordable workforce housing assets by:

  • Acquiring and entitling properties to be used for affordable ownership and rental housing;
  • Providing supervision and technical expertise for rental properties owned by the County;
  • Ensuring compliance with all covenants and deed restrictions where the County is the beneficiary;
  • Maintaining properties consistent with the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act and Summit County’s ownership goals.

Workforce Housing Project Updates

Summit County has recently completed the Huron Landing project in partnership with the Town of Breckenridge, and is currently working on the Lake Hill Master Plan.

Huron Landing

The Town of Breckenridge and Summit County unveiled the community's newest workforce housing development on July 14. Huron Landing includes 26 rental apartments just north of downtown Breckenridge on County Road 450. Read on...
A three-story apartment building behind a sign that reads, Huron Landing.

Lake Hill Neighborhood Master Plan

Summit County began the master planning process for the 45-acre Lake Hill property in March 2016. More than 300 community members have participated in the process through interviews, focus groups, three community open houses and site field trips.

The project team has also conducted extensive site analysis, studying the site’s topography, development constraints and infrastructure options. The project is now in the final master planning phase, and Summit County has begun to draft the final master plan documents. We are aiming to complete the master plan for the site in mid-2017 and to subsequently begin the entitlement process (rezoning and subdividing the property, as necessary).

The Lake Hill neighborhood master plan is being developed with consideration for the full range of housing needs identified in the recently completed 2016 Summit County Workforce Housing Demand Update. The draft master plan integrates a variety of housing types to provide a diverse mix of rental apartments, for-sale single-family/duplex homes, and townhomes that can be both for sale and for rent.

The master plan will provide recommendations for phasing the development, along with architectural design guidelines to achieve the desired neighborhood and community character as individual sections of the neighborhood are developed in phases over the coming years. Since the neighborhood will be constructed over a number of years, the master plan aims to strike a balance between providing certainty, while allowing flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. The looped road system has been designed to allow the neighborhood to be constructed over a period of time, with each phase containing a mix of housing and neighborhood amenities.

Learn more about the Lake Hill Master Plan project.


If you have questions or comments about Summit County’s affordable workforce housing efforts, contact Summit County Housing Director Nicole Bleriot (970)485-4136.