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2018 Tax Lien registration and wait list is now closed. Thank you! 


Unpaid taxes are sold at our tax lien sale in the fall of each year. Investors attend the tax lien sale and pay the taxes. This allows us to collect taxes in order to keep the various districts we collect taxes for “whole”.

The interest rate paid to the investor is established by state statute and is based on the federal interest rate at the federal bank of Kansas City on September 1st. The amount sold at the tax lien sale includes the unpaid taxes, the county interest of 1% per month and the advertising fee.

The property owner is allowed to redeem the tax lien at any time. The amount to redeem is the amount sold at the tax lien sale plus the investor’s interest based on a per month basis. Delinquent taxes for a specific lien certificate must be paid in full in certified funds, cash or bank wire.

Tax Lien Sale Registration

Registration opens Tuesday September 04, 2018 at 8:00 am and remains open until the limit number is obtained.

Registration Guidelines 

  • Number of registrations is limited
  • Registration is based on “first received, first accepted” basis
  • Only two confirmed registrations will be issued to any one address 
  • A “wait list” will be maintained. Persons on the wait list will be notified for admission in the order registration was received in the event a confirmed registrant is unable to attend
  • Do not arrive at the sale if you have not been notified that you are a successful registrant
  • Buyers numbers will only be issued to registrants
  • ACH participation required 

Tax Lien Sale Information

Must be registered to participate 

Tax Lien Sale Date:  Wednesday October 24, 2018 

Tax Lien Sale Location: 0083 Nancy's Place., CR 1014, Frisco CO 80443 (Community/Senior Center)

Doors will open at 8:00 am and the sale starts at 9:00 am

The sale has two parts; round robin and premium bidding.  The break point between the two is not determined until the day before the sale and is based on the number of taxes to be sold. 

        Sale Guidelines

  • Sales are "live" 
  • You can have a person represent you but the person must be qualified (at least 18 and not a county employee) and have the necessary tax ID information for you
  • There can only be one buyer number for each tax ID number registered. Only one number per buyer.
  • At checkout, you will be provided a receipt of taxes paid and a copy of the tax lien certificate for each tax lien. You will write a personal or business check made out to "Summit County Treasurer" for the total due per the receipt
  • ACH participation required