Treasurer & Public Trustee

The Office of the Treasurer collects property taxes, issues tax notices and produces tax certificates and mobile home authentications. 

The Office of the Public Trustee administers foreclosures and executes releases of deeds of trust.

Property Tax Info & Payments

About Treasurer & Public Trustee Bill Wallace

Bill was born in California, went to junior high and high school in New Jersey and came to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder. He found his home in Colorado. He entered the U.S. Army in 1968 where he was a sergeant with the paratroopers. After his honorable discharge in 1971, he went on to complete his college degree from the University of Denver with a major in math and a minor in education.

Bill moved to Summit County in 1974 to become a math teacher at Summit High School. In 1996, Bill was elected to serve as county commissioner and held that office until 2007, when he assumed his duties as county treasurer and public trustee. Bill has also worked as an architectural draftsperson and general contractor.

Bill enjoys many of the outdoor activities Summit County has to offer – alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, cycling, boating, and (since he seems to do it the most) snow blowing.